four images depicting Ingleton Waterfalls Trail throughout its history

It all started in 1885

Ingleton has been well-known for its caves and magnificent mountain scenery since the 18th century, but after a series of articles appeared in the local press, public curiosity prompted the appointment of an Improvements Company to make the waterfalls accessible to the public.

The 19th Century

The trail first opened on 11th April, 1885, charging a 2d entrance fee. Thousands of visitors flocked to Ingleton by train from towns such as Bradford, Manchester and Leeds. In fact the trail’s popularity can be demonstrated by June 1888 when 3840 people visited Ingleton in one day alone.

Today’s Experience

Today, over a hundred years since it first opened to the public, thousands of people still come every year come to visit the spectacular waterfalls and ancient woodlands. In 2005 we opened the Falls Café and new facilities to further enhance the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk experience for our visitors.

The Future

The ancient history of the Ingleton glens is carved into the landscape and its unique geological features support a number of rare species of plant and animal. This has lead to the area being designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by English Nature, to safeguard their future.

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